Joe Jobbed

If you have been receiving spam email that appears to come from us, rest assured that it was not sent from Vandermeulen Plumbing. Recently, we have been the victim of a "Joe Job" attack - and if you received one of these emails, then you are yet another victim in the war against spam. To be perfectly clear, Vandermeulen Plumbing does not engage in spamming.

A "Joe Job" is the name given to an attack whereby a spammer sends unsolicited email which has been spoofed to appear as if it came from somebody else. The spammer is then able to send spam without taking any of the responsibility for their actions, sending fallout instead to the victim. Unethical companies may also engage in these tactics in an attempt to defame their competition.

We are currently doing our best to determine the source of the spam in order to put an end to it. However, until we have stopped the spammers, please DO NOT click on any link or download or open any attachment in any spam email.

Thank you for your understanding and patience in this matter.